Exploring Canada’s secret island

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There is an extremely green little island at Canada’s the southernmost point in the shallow waters of Lake Erie. Although maybe you will feel this island looks sleepy and quiet and nothing special at the first sight, you will find the reasons why people love here and is popular place people choose to spend vacation on the island. Just ten thousand acres of this island looks nice and pretty. You will appreciate this island after you travelling one day.

You should definitely visit the Pelee Island Heritage Centre because they have one of the best natural history collections in Ontario. It is a good opportunity to absorb some culture. Here you can learn about the island’s human and animal history and the nature culture.

There is an island eco-tour which explores Pelee you can sign up. Let’s start a bike tour and experience the scene of the island’s best. There are Fish Point Nature Reserve where you can see the sight that birds catch the fishes, the Lighthouse where you can see a restored lighthouse and some rare species like turtles and salamander and so on. The guides will told the culture history and provide some details of this island for you.

After biking on the island, you can be relaxed standing on the sands and swimming in the beach. It maybe is the most wonderful thing to do under the strong sunshine in summer.

Tips: Historic limestone homes offer the beds and breakfasts. You have opportunity to try Stonehill B and B in here.

Transport: The best way to reach Pelee is ferry. It is a relaxed way to take a half hour ride from Leamington and Kingsville. In the winter, you can choose flights to the island’s small airport. Bike is easily to rent on the island.

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