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In today’s high stress world, it’s easy to get stressed out and ground down by the highly run of life. Our life is so safe and structured. So what is the best solution every now and then? Trying something new, going somewhere different, recharging the batteries and reconnecting with the life. Come to New Zealand, a land of stories and marvelous. It lies 2000km South East of Australia and a three hours flight can lead your way there.
Actually this is a place of earthquakes. Every year nearly 10000 and 15000 earthquakes take place here, but roughly because of the earthquakes are not so big that most of them cannot be felt. The heart wrenching mountains and the picturesque landscapes capture the heart of every tourist. And all these make New Zealand one of the most favorite scenic spots in the world. The volcanoes here make the land fertilized.
This country is made up of two islands. And the temperature here is mild, say ranging between o to 25 all the year round. If you travel further to the south, the temperature will go lower than the north part of the country. This country also has a nickname- Aotearoa which means “the land of the long white cloud”. The rain fall here ranges from 600mm to 1600mm. And the rainy season is during the winter. So you’d better prepared to get the shower all the year round, if you want to set down here.
This place is also a place full of outdoor activities. During the summer time, you can spend your time on the beautiful long golden beaches. And during the winter time you don’t need to hide in the room to get away from the cold temperature. You can choose to go surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing, since the outdoor temperature is quite mild during the winter time as well.
The economy here is based on export industries and farming, most of which is dairy, wine and fruit industries. And the film industry here is also quite flourish. The famous Lord of the Rings trilogy is shot here.
Just go to the part you want! You could never miss anything exciting from the world of delicacy!

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