Explore Amazing Food in Jamaica

Food Festival
One of the best ways to explore food of reliableJamaica is through annual food festival. Jerk is one of the famous cooking waysin Jamaica.
Jerk is grilling or spicing meat which rubbedwith spices and herbs. The best jerk should have a juicy, hot and spicy taste.Jerk can also be made from other kinds of food on festival and in daily life,for instance, chicken, fish, pork, lobster, sausages, and accompaniments like festival,bread, and breadfruit. Moreover, there are also activitiess from local artist containingdancing, crafts displaying, face painting and things like that.

Yallahs Chicken Festival is another chanceto enjoy Jamaica chicken cuisine, which was held in the parish ofSt. Thomas. Yallahs Chicken Festival held in summer months, different dishesmade from chicken can be tasted on festival, like other festivals, musical and culturalentertainments are enjoyable like chicken dishes.

Besides of those listed festivals, there is acommunity food festival named as Westmoreland Curry Festival which attendersgrew from 2000 persons to 10000 in last seven years. Now it is the biggest onewithin its kind. Also this festival invests a high school names Mannings schoolin the parish of Westmoreland.

There are other festivals which held in differentpart of Jamaica, like Bussu Festival celebrates in Portland, the name comesfrom the meat from shell creatures in local rivers, and Fish Festival at LittleOchi in Alligator Pond of Manchester, visitors can taste fish cooked in eachpossible way while listening good music while enjoying both good fish and goodbeach.
To enjoy Jamaica food, what you need to do is justcome to Jamaica and enjoys it, but if you want to explore Jamaica in an authenticway, and then participate in a food festival won’t be wrong choice.
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