Experience The Wonderful Miyajima in Japan

Hokoku Shrine, Osaka Miyajima

Miyajima is believed to be one of the three most beautiful places in Japan, for its vigorous mountains, deep blue waters, and lush vegetation. The Itsukushima Shrine, which stands in the sea, is the gateway to the island of Miyajima. This ancient architecture is designed based on the Shinden architectural style.

Also, Momijidana Park is another popular tourist attraction on Miyajima Island. Situated at the foot of Mount Misen, this park is full of lush virgin forests. Whenever you come here, you can always have a good view of its unique beauty. If you come here in autumn, you can see a fantastic park covered with scarlet maple leaves, while if you choose to come here in spring, then you would have a chance to see its luxuriant cherry blossom, which make this park more interesting.

The Hokoku Shrine is also located on Miyajima Island, and its main hall is popularly known as Senjokaku. In 1407, a five-storey pagoda of 28 meters high was built here. This majestic pagoda is a combination of both Chinese and Japanese architectural styles, with many colored Buddha images inside the pagoda.

Miyajimas Aquarium is home to a diversity of marine life. You can see more than 13,000 rare fish and 350 other species of sea creatures, Commerson’s dolphin being the most popular one. You can also watch seal shows here, but they are charged.

On the Miyajima Island, there are numerous small shops, which are mainly dedicated to making Momji manju, waffles, popular desserts of Miyajima. Also, you can have a taste of the local specialty, fried oysters, which are very delicious.

In addition to what have been mentioned above, there are many other tourist attractions and tasty cuisines in Miyajima. If you have chances to go to Japan, you should never miss this wonderful place.

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