Exciting Whale and Shark Adventures in South Africa

Dyer Island

The southwestern coast of South Africa is an ideal place to watch marine life shows, and it is for this the area has become a world famous tourist destination. The area from the southern part of Cape Town to the Garden Route in the eastern part is the playground of Great White Sharks and Southern Right Whales, both of which are incredibly powerful creatures.

The Great White Shark
Great White Sharks are mainly gathered around Dyer Island, which is a small island and located off the southwestern coast of South Africa. There are abundant African Penguin and Cape Fur Seals on this island, but most of them may become the prey of Great White Sharks.

Along the South African coastline, an exciting activity available is Shark Cage Diving, which allows tourists have a close observation of the Great White Sharks. But as we all know, Great White Sharks are very attacking, so both tourists and swimmers or surfers need to make well safety precautions.

The Southern Right Whales
The Southern Right Whales used to hunt largely, but now it has been listed as a “vulnerable” species and the amount has managed to gain stability. The winter and spring months, that is, from May to December, are the main breeding seasons for whales.

Walker Bay, which is regarded as the best spot for whale watching throughout the world, provides tourists with chances of close observation of the Southern Right Whales. And Hermanus has an annual Whale Festival, which is held in late September to celebrate the Southern Right Whales in Walker Bay.

Taking a trip to the Western Cape coastline will surely make you have an exciting and unforgettable holiday. But what is more important is that we can gain a profound understanding of our eco-system and we should do our best to protect these creatures.

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