Europe Travel Guide: Companion of Travellers to Paris


When you are chosing the right time to visit Europ, the time is different for different city. And each season has its own beauty. London as the capital city of Britain, it looks gorgerous in autumn. However compared with london, paris, as the capital city of Frence, is splendid in spring time. Before you come here, you may need more information about the Paris city. Here i would like to introduce you some information in a more detailed way.
Paris is a holy city with special beauty in it. It is a mixture of art and culture, fashion and cuisine. The Europe travel guide is what you need to find the way Parisians enjoy and live.
Living in this city is like riding on a roller-coaster. The number of holidays is thirdyseven and the workers there are  required to work thirdy five hours a week. The free health care facilities are offered here, hence if you go to the hospital, the cost of the healthcare services is certainly quite low. And the best part is, if your children go to the state-sponsored nursery school and he or she ranges from two to five years old, then the education fee is totally free.
While living in Paris, the Boulevard which is a suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, is a perfect place for you to live there. This place gets its popularity from the spacious houses and the lush green plants in its surroundings. Le Marais lies in the most active zone in Paris. This place is famous for its bars and restaurants. But I have to mention you first that the living expences in this area is coparatively high.
When the weekend comes, you and your partern can take a short trip or rolling to the countrysides. At Champagne and Chartres, which are the perfect spots for weekend, you can explore caves and cathedrals.
There are more to have in Paris. And i bet this plae will never let you down.

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