Essentials about Egyptian Holiday

River Nile

People all know the River Nile, which has great significance in the history of Egypt. And so travel to Egypt, it is a must to visit River Nile and enjoy the surrounding natural landscape. River Nile cruise is among the most interesting river cruises in the world for its relaxing pace, breathtaking natural beauty, and extraordinary holiday experience.

Here are some useful tips that you should know before travel to Egypt.
Because a large portion of Egypt’s economy depends on the tourism, this country welcomes warmly foreigner tourists. Both of its holiday option and Nile cruises are offered to cater to foreigners and foreign credit cards.

Egypt’s weather is quite hot and the temperatures can be stifling even during winter months. Egypt is a Muslim country, so both local people and tourists are expected to follow the local custom and wear some conservative clothing. The most comfortable clothing, which is usually loose fitting, and covers most of the body, is made from light cotton.
Women here often keep their shoulders and upper arms covered. Revealing shirts and shorts are avoided here. It is better to keep a large cotton shawl on hand for potential offence and emergencies. But in some hotels or on cruise ships, westerners are allowed to show their habits.

Whether you choose a luxury holiday or a cheap one, the essential things you should prepare are almost the same, such as passport, travel itinerary (including contact details), relevant vaccinations/visas/medical necessities (such as malaria tables), travel insurance ( including personal possession and medical), and some other essentials.

Tipping, that is, baksheesh, is very common in Egypt. If you need help of those temple guardians, cleaners, porters, wait-on staff, etc, then you’d better give some tips to them. However, if you want to know local etiquette norms and customs in advance, you could seek information from those travel providers.

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