Enjoy your June in the World of Festivals

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This is a list of the festivals that will take place in June. Now for the first time ever you can explore the whole culture of this great world. Meat some of the surprising and exotic cultures exist on this planet.
The first festival we want to introduce is the Dragon Boat Festival in, China. During this Festival, you can find colorful crafts along the vender shops in China. These crafts look like dragons. And you can watch the dragon boat racing along the Yangzi River.
El Colacho, which means Baby-jumping Festival, is the second one that we want to introduce. This festival will take place at Spain, on the Sunday following Corpus Christi Day. On that day, men will dress up and leap over babies, which the local people believe can lead away the evil and clean the babies’ soul. This custom has a history since the year 1620.
The third one is the Isle of Wight Festival. The location of this festival is Seaclose Park, Newport, Isle of Wight, England. And it will take place on June 21st to 24th. This is a music event. In the year 1968, it had an audience of 10,000 which swelled to 150,000 in the following year.
The forth one is the Lajkonik Festival at Rynek Glówny, Krakow, Poland on Thursday after Corpus Christi. This is a festival come from the legend. If you want to know more, you’d better visit there.
Then is the Feast of St Anthony on June 13th to 15th, at Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal. When the festival arrives, the Portugese capital goes sardine crazy. Join them and have fun there.
The next one is Sónar. This festival will take place at the museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Spain. And the festival will last for three days from June 13th to June 15th. This is a festival of art. If you are a lover of music, you should never miss it.
In June, there are still many other festivals like Riding of the Marches in Scotland; the Summer Solstice in England; the Regatta of St Ranieri, in Italy; Pride Week in USA; Bloomsday in Ireland; Inti Raymi in Peru; Battala dos Vinos which means the battle of wines in Spain and the Glastonbury Festival in England. June is a month full of fun. Do not always hiding in your home. Pack your bag and start the exciting journey.

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