Enjoy the Monster Waves of Isla Todos Santos

Isla Todos Santo People expect results too quickly.

Isla Todos Santos is a small island lying at the Ensenada Bay. The island is serene, with the inhabitants of sea lions, harbor seals and shorebirds. But just look offshore, you will be surprised to find the most spectacular surf which rises to 15 meters high in the clear and cold seawaters. The highest waves can be found around the reef break called”Killers,” where surf soars up to the height of over 18 meters. The”Killers” are to the northwest of this island.

Isla Todos Santos includes two islands, called Norte and Sur. This tiny Isla which is just 97km to the border of Mexico and California has turned into a popular spot for surfing. The BillabongXXL Global Big Wave awards can be owned here, which is the blue ribbon for surfers. Isla Todos Santos has been known as a perfect place for surfing for a long time. It was first discovered by a group of surfing fanatics from the well-known Windansea Surf Club. They were traveling to find the optimal waves, then were fascinated by the monster waves of Isla Todos Santos.

However, nearby beaches only have waves half the size of these in Isla Todos Santos. This is mainly because that Isla Todos Santos enjoys a unique landform consists of many reefs and valleys under water, all help to form huge waves.

Except for the huge waves, there are more excellent activities to do around Isla Todos Santos. You can kayak with dolphins or, if you are lucky, with whales in the lovely coves and bays. Fishing is also very popular here, you will be so surprised when you catch a large rock cod, bonito or yellowtail.

Isla Todos Santos can only be reached by boat. Note that this is not the same place of Todos Santos, a town on Baja California peninsula. Surf at Isla Todos Santos is a little different from other beaches. You need a boat, and you can easily rent one there. San Miguel Surf Shop between Miramar and Gastelum, Ensenada, is where you can get information and equipments.

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