Enjoy Clam Feast in Clam Alley , Ipswich


If you are a fan of seafood, or clam, specifically, you must have heard of Ipswich flats, a extension of the Atlantic off Cape Ann peninsula, north of Boston. There, in the nutrient-rich mud, local fishermen dug up the most biggest and delicious clam in the world every year. Then the cooks prized up the shell, put the clam meat into boiling oil, and after seasoning, a clam feast will be on the table.

There are so many clam shacks along the North Shore because of the yummy clam meat. In summer, the shacks always become crowded with customers from both Boston area and other districts, including Cape Cod , Lake Winnipesaukee , Maine coast. For many of them, taking a rest in Essex and having a clam dinner have become an important habit. When having dinner here, guests are supposed to order meals through a window and bring it to their oceanview tables.

It is said that the fried clam was invented by a “Chubby” woodman named Lawrence, who is also the founder of Woodman’s of Essex, the oldest and largest clam shack in Clam Alley, which still cook clams in the traditional method. Except for the classic scallops, shrimp and, of course, clams (fried or steamed), this eatery serve        boiled lobsters and rolls as well.

Afraid of cholesterol and greasy meats(though some adore them) and eager to try something more healthier? No problem. J. T. Farnham’s and Essex Seafood are both good choice for you. After that ,you may want some soup – seafood chowder of Farnham’s is highly suggested.

At last, you can end your gourmet trip with some fried classics at The Clam Box, which really looks like a big box in shape. This restaurant offers variety of fried seafood cooked in different ways so that any of your request will be met – you can even choose the size and part of the clam.
Isn’t it fascinating to you? Come to Clam Alley and enjoy a clam feast ,it will not fail you.

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