Elephants in a Cave? Elephant Caves in Mount Elgon

Elephant Caves Elephant Caves

Elephant Caves in Mount Elgon is located in Rift Valley, near Kenya, Mbale and Uganda. From the name you may guess that it is a habitat of elephants. You are right, the caves are  fond gathering places for those big guys. Every night, they venture through the forest and march deep into the mountain to get to the depot of salt with the help of their tusks. The caves are in fact a series of caves that have salt deposits and many other wild animals’ salt feeding depot. The cave walls are scarred by numerous elephants’ cutthrough.

Mount Elgon is the second highest in Kenya with the height of over 4,300 meters. It was created together with the Great Rift Valley millions of years ago. It lies just on the border of Uganda and Kenya. Today it is an aged eroded volcano with an enormous caldera and countless royally basalt on the mountaintop.

Mount Elgon is quite a wilderness with immense forest and abundant animal species. Lofty Elgon cedar and teak trees are dominant in the forest, some of them can reach the height of over 25 meters. There are over 400 elephants living in Mount Elgon, as well as many other species like leopard, buffalo, colobus, blue monkey and various types of antelope. Plus over 240 kinds of birds are flying in the sky.

The most outstanding characteristic of Mount Elgon is the massive series of lava tube caves, including the Elephant Caves. The caves can reach the width of 60 meters and in fact, despite of the Elephant Caves, other caves are also salt feeding depots for wild animals. The four maximal caves are Ngwarisha, Chepnyalil, Makongeni and Kitum, which are all explorable with cautious.

During the long history of Mount Elgon, the caves had been used as granaries or stables, as well as shelters during a severe weather or inter-tribal conflicts. Now, they are nice place to engage cave exploring and, of course, to witness the elephant miners.

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