Edinburgh Arts Festival


Image Source:Manfred Lentz / Flickr

Edinburgh as the capital city of Scotland is a place full of festival and fun. The people there are friendly, and if you write down the name of the festival there, you can make a long list. All of these make the city one of the most famous tourist destinations all over the world. No matter what is your favorite taste, you can always find one that can satisfy you in Edinburgh. The attractions there are various. One of the most famous festivals in Edinburg is the art festival. During the festival you can enjoy all collections of art work in the museums and art galleries.
The Edinburgh Art Festival is actually generated from the Edinburgh International Festival. The international festival starts from 1947. When this festival is first started, it also has visual art exhibitions for the tourists. And since the year 1966, a number of organizations began to open outside the International Festival. And finally in the year 2004, the Arts Festival started to stand as an individual event. And since then, it is held each year in August in the Edinburgh International Festival period. The festival gets its fun from the Scottish Arts Council. And the displays of the artworks are from both the local and international artists.
The Edinburgh Art Festival is held from August 2 to September 2 in the year 2012. And this time the festival will have a programme consists of 45 grand art exhibitions which you can find in the artist-run areas, museums and galleries. This festival is a event for your eyes, which means during the festival you can enjoy the display of art work from old and young artists as well as the prize winners.
The specialty of the year 2012 is the display which is called ‘Timeline’ by by Susan Philipsz and the ‘In the Fields’ from Andrew Miller. Edinburgh is also famous for its splendid landscape and the beautiful scenery. The people who visit this place and join the festival before are quite satisfied with the city and the festival itself. And by the way if you visit the city during the art festival, the hotel rooms are always available. And the rent prices there are quite reasonable. And you can find all the basic life equipment there. Here we can offer the room with one to three beds. And the apartment is available for both the individual and the group visitors.


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