Disney World in Orlando Opens Out Its Own User-Generated Reviews: Wise or Not?

Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando has just set up its new site, travelers who are interested in that travel and have a desire of Disney can go to its official website and have a review. The web is opening a wide review to the public.
At present, once you enter it, you must feel surprised at the glowing reviews. If you have a browse of what is displayed there, almost every style of every country can be seen so that you are a little confused, but that’s all right, just have a careful watching of one country is ok. For example, an Italy restaurant is worth a review there.
The web also offers you a question space for travelers to ask, and people who give service on line will immediately answer the questions.
That is an improvement for Disney company, but some people think it has a little risk, and the profit is not certain. Some others remain a view that it is desirable to take up, and claim that they will continue to be Disney fans.
Until now, Disney reviews have sites showed in three aspects. The new site raises an interesting question: Would you trust travelers’ Disney reviews on Disney’s own site? It is said that the company will delete the displayed reviews if they disobey community standards for illegal questions. A well-known person gave an explanation for the reason why other travelers’ reviews can not be fully trusted, and told first travelers to choose what is suitable to them.

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