Discover the National Parks on the Land of New Zealand

New Zealand

In today’s high stress world, it’s easy to get stressed out and ground down by the highly run of life. Our life is so safe and structured. So what is the best solution every now and then? Making something new, charging the batteries and reconnecting with life. Come to New Zealand, a place that will never let you down. This country has plenty of parks where you can share time with your family members and the loved ones. All of them are national parks. Also this country is famous for its splendid landscape and the stunning natural beauty. The world enjoys a fabulous landscape, from the steaming forests harboring rare creatures to the grassy plains beneath vast horizon.
The first park that I want to introduce is the Mount Aspiring National Park, which is located in the South Island. It is the country’s third largest park. In the year 1964, this park was founded, and since then this area is full of visitors every year. This is a perfect place for walkers and hikers. The exploration here can surely cheer you up. The deep valleys and the alpine lakes are heart wrenching.
The second park that I want to introduce is Egmont National Park. The most exciting part of the park is the Mount Egmont, which is known as Taranaki volcano. This volcano is 2,518 meters above sea level. This park covers an area of 33,000 hectares, and it is the second park founded on this country. So put this park on your itinerary, these choices will never let people regret.
The third park waited in the line is the Tongariro National Park, which is also the first park founded on the land of New Zealand. This park covers an area of 80,000 hectares. In it, there is a vast volcanic plateau. You can have the most challenge walk on the Tongariro Trek.
Beside the parks, there are more to explore than you can ever imagine. Once you start your journey on this splendid, you would never want to stop, believe me.

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