Discover The Magic Of Dinosaur National Monument

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Dinosaur National Monument is an American national monument across from the northeast of Colorado to the northwest Utah.It was built-in 1915 in order to protect local dinosaur fossil bed, in which the protection area displays and exhibits the prehistoric reptile fossils, covers an area of 20 thousand acres. It has national memorial center of dinosaurs.

The national memorial center has a wall of stone mountain is steep section which is one of the most bizarre dinosaur bones store in the world. Paleontologists cleared up dinosaur bones, crocodiles, turtles and other reptiles, and tropical plant fossils in this place. Among them, they even had a dome of the keel that lived in Jurassic about 150 million years ago. In the protection zone, visitors can have a view of these plants and animals with professional recovery. There are many scenic spots such as Green River and Yang of the Palmer river valley which is the famous for “white water” wonders, visitors can take the rubber rafts seen them. There also have the living relics of the ancient Indians with intact conversation between the rocks. Museum provides rest camp for the visitor as well.

In Dinosaur National Monument, there has Dinosaur Quarry district and Canyon Area district
These two regions, each of them has a lot of trails with different difficulty and length. Due to the structural damage, Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center was closed in 2006. This area is rich in dinosaur bones of dinosaurs sediments, most of which are under the protection layer of Permanent Quarry Visitor Center. Besides, Dinosaur Quarry district provides three campgrounds for travelers, which are Green River Campground, Split Mountain Group Campground, Rainbow Park Campground respectively. On the other hand, Echo Park Campground, Gates of Lodore Campground, Deerlodge Campground these three sites are offered in Canyon Area District.

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