Discover the Five Hidden Islands of Fiji

hidden island

Fuji gets its popularity from the beautiful scenery and splendid landscape. It is made up of chains of beautiful island, and some of them are quite popular, say Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. But there are more to discover. The popular ones already so crowed because of the fame. And the seldom-known ones are more quiet and peaceful. Today, I would like to introduce you five more island, and I bet you can have more exciting discoveries on each of them.
The first one that comes into my mind is called Robinson Crusoe Island, which is located on the southwest of Viti Levu. And this makes it quite convenient to get there by boat from Viti Levu. This island is named after the main character from Daniel Defoe novel. And compared with the luxurious Fiji accommodation, you can save more money. You can also do boating, snorkeling as well as exploring the small island if you like. And the island is covered with palm trees.
The second one is named Castaway Island, which can be arrived by helicopter, boat or seaplane. This place offers you a good chance to get close to nature. There you can also windsurfing or doing any other beach activities. There you can live in the friendly beachside resort. The other attraction of the island is the coral reefs.
Then the next one is called Monuriki. This is the exact island where Tom Hanks plays the movie “Cast Away.” Up till now, this island is uninhabited by humans, hence it can offer you the chance to get the peace and tranquility, as well as much more privacy. There are also many exotic plants, from which you can also learn more knowledge about plants.
What comes next is Navadra which is also uninhabited. The only way to get to this island is by boat. There you can explore the aquatic life when you are doing the scuba diving. The atmosphere there can never let you down.
The last one I will introduce you today is Tavarua which is quite near Viti Levu. This is the perfect spot for Romantics and surfers. The peak towering there is another character of that island.
exploring these five hidden island can surely bring you much more fun when you are travelling in Fuji.

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