Discover Lisbon


Lisbon is not in the traditional sense of the metropolis and the city seem to be some broken, but feel kindly and friendly. Locals also speak good English, more passionate and lovely. For release your soul during vacation, it must be one of the best one in Europe.

Most of people become intoxicated Lounging in the cafe in every corner of squares and having an imagination about the former grandeur of Portuguese. Although Aeroporto de Lisboa is not very big, it still can give a good feeling for visitors by its clearly directives. There are 3 three buses can take you to downtown with only 3.5 euro per person, and taxi will charge you for 10 euro. Here is a interesting feature in Lisbon subway station, which use pictures compose by 4 colorful line to instead rigid numbers. It is convenient for travelers to buy the tickets of bus, subway and tram with very cheap price in city center. Particularly, yellow tram is the most proud transport for Lisbon, do not forget give some glorification while a local standing beside you.

Never ever miss the most famous tram NO. 28 from which you can enjoy almost every tourist attractions, such as Lisbon Cathedral, Miradouro de Santa Luzia, Castelo de S o Jorge and all kinds of museums. You may meet a mass Lisbon Cathedral if it’s Sunday and I promise that you will be subdued by the singing of choir even if you don’t understand Portuguese. Besides, I highly recommend you visit every squares of Lisbon and the first one definitely is Praca da Liberdade and Rossio Plaza as the next. By the way, there is a Dessert shop with over 180 years history and its egg tart you should not miss!!

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