Discover Festival in Autumn

Generally, summer and winter are two season time for traveling, as people either can have lots of outdoor fantastic activities in the summer or skiing in the winter. However, I would like to say that autumn is the season kick into full swing at least for the northern part of the world. There are several must dos in autumn around the world in the following.

In Riga, Latvia’s Independence Day, Survival Kit and White Night are highly recommended for visitors to celebrate with locals. Country Club Plaza lighting ceremony is the one take place in Kansas City, which is the upscale shopping district of an American and residential neighborhood in this city established in 1922.

Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques holds in Essaouira of Morocco to celebrate Arab, Judeo-Moroccan, Andalucian music. You are available to participate it in 27th October every year among the music paradise.

Climb Namsan is one of traditions in Seoul of South Korea. It is a good tourist attraction as you and your lover’s honeymoon place. Once climb on the top of mountain you could lock your love with your sweetheart on the wall, which hundreds of couples have place their love locks. I promise you that would be a best romantic memory in your life.

If you are a movies fan, then, get ready for your packages to participate the excellent music and film festivals in Zagreb of Croatia. In thess festivals, you will be offered by 25 FPS, Zagreb Film Festival and Oe Tke Film Festival. Premium jazz music will be played on the VIP Zagreb Jazz Festival. Besides, autumn is also the chestnut season in Croatia, thus it is wonderful to see cakes or chestnut in the patisseries of locals.

By the way, rambling around the Prospect Park in Brooklyn could also be a good option to spend your afternoon.

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