Different Kinds of London Tours

St Paul's Cathedral

London is a world-famous city, with rich culture and ancient history, attracting numerous tourists each year. And this article is devoted to several different kinds of tours, all of which can make your London tour interesting and unforgettable.

Double-decker bus tour
Double-decker bus tour can be regarded as the most representative among so many different kinds of London tours. During your journey by bus, you can hop on and off any bus that belongs to the same company, as long as your bus ticket is valid. And the tour operator can introduce any landmark your bus passed by. Tickets are usually valid for 24 to 48 hours.

River Thames cruise tour
By River Thames cruise tour, tourists can visit the most famous and historic landmarks in London during the journey. And the Westminster Pier is usually used as a start point for the cruise. On a sunny day, the open deck will be an ideal place for taking photos. During your cruise journey, you can view Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge.

Taking a Budget Walking Tour

A walking tour can give tourists chances to learn about London at their own pace, and also an ideal option for budget travelers. Tourists can explore those famous landmarks in London freely. However, walking tours may only cover a small area, for it is quite difficult for tourists to walk a long way to view all those famous attractions. There are many kinds of walking tours offered, but most of them only cover the central London.

Full Service Tours
By a full service tour, the travel agent will drive tourists to each attraction and introduce them about London’s ancient history, but this kind of tour is usually very expensive. Tourists can book a full service tour in advance, and according to tourists’ demand, the favorite attractions will be included in the tour.
After driving you to an attraction, the tour agent will give you some amount of time for you to explore the attraction on yourself, and the time is usually 5 to 10 hours. Tourists can visit the popular attractions, such as Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, or Big Ben.
Another thing you have to do before booking a full service tour is to check if a meal is included. Because the tour usually lasts for a whole day, so an authentic London meal is certainly necessary.

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