Delicious Conventional Cooking


When you are on the trip, it must be a smart choice to take a break and have a taste of the delicious local food, which I believe is surely better than the fast food that you can find everywhere.
Different country has different cooking skills, making a variety of conventional foods all over the world. Therefore, taking new tastes of local food when traveling has been an important part of traveling itself. Followings are some examples of delicious conventional cooking.
Buenos Aires, La Cabrera’ Steak
As is known to all, Buenos Aires is famous for its yummy steak throughout the world.And if you want to taste the best steak there, La Cabrera,a local grill house, will not fail you.
Mumbai, Chowpatty Beach’ Pao Bhaji
Have you heard of Chowpatty Beach?It is a great place both for tourist and people who are looking for local food.The Chowpatty Beach has a very famous and delicious cooking called Pao Bhaji, which is a combination of fried potato and vegetable.
Rome, Sora Margherita’ Cacio e Pepe
In addition to pasta, Italian cooking includes a variety of delicious foods.And Cacio e Pepe is definitely one of those. With sheep’s ricotta covered on the top and pecorino mixed, Cacio e Pepe has a special taste that can surely impress you.
Sydney, Flour & Stone’ Lamingtons
A bakery named Flour & Stone served a unique kind of vanilla cake with a lot of toothsome condiment, such as black chocolate, coconut and berry compote.
Cape Town, Carne SA’        Lambs
When in Cape Town, tourists are free to buy lambs in free range from the farmers. After that, you can cook the lambs in any way you like, but charcoal broiling is strongly recommended.

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