Deepavali Festival in India

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There are a lot of festivals celebrated by Hindus and each festival has its own specific significance. Among those festivals Deepavali is a very important festival and celebrated throughout the India. This article is devoted to a brief introduction of this grand festival.

Deepavali is celebrated from the night of Amavasya and lasts for five days. During this period, each day has a different theme, that is, Dhanteras, Choti Deepavali, Badi Deepavali, padwa and Bhaj duj respectively. This festival is celebrated by Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Sikh for different religious reasons.

On deepavali, people all decorate their houses with marigolds and mango leaves, which are thought as a symbol of good luck. And at night, they also light various kinds of lamps to repel against evil spirits.

In order to celebrate Deepavali, people will prepare all kinds of tasty food, and some kinds of traditional food include laddu, athirasam, murukku, jelebi and jangiri, etc.

On the festival, people will dress on their new clothes. And black clothes are avoided because black is viewed as a sinister color.

People celebrate Deepavali through many events, and major event is Laxmi puja or Deepavali puja.

This grand event is celebrated after the sunset and mainly dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Laxmi puja is held mainly in west and north India. During the period of Deepavali, every household must keep pure and clean because Goddess Laxmi is thought to love cleanliness. And on the day, people all think that Goddess Laxmi will visit their house and bring them prosperity and peace.

On this grand festival, people will go to shop and buy for themselves or for their dear ones, because one of the most important activities is to exchange gifts with friends, family members or relatives. It is a quite significant festival in India and is thought can bring people happiness, luck, success and wealth.

If you are planning a travel to India, it will be better to take part in this festival. During this festival, you will strongly feel the enthusiasm of people for celebrating this annual festival. You can take part in their events and have a personal experience of Indian lifestyle and religious belief. Because this festival can be compared with grand festivals of other countries, it is quite worth visiting if you travel to India. Maybe from this festival, you will fall in love with Indian people.

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