cycling in Copenhagen


Riding bicycle to cross Queen Louise’s Bridge of Copenhagen is activity you must to do as a visitor, which can make you feel you are a local in this historical city. In the following I will guide you how to realize Copenhagen by bike.

To start this trip you need a bike firstly. You can rent a bike in the hotel where you live, Vesterbro where has Baisikeli Bike Rentals, or go to City Centre where you can select a bike immediately. Before you rent a bicycle in Copenhagen, you have to get a reservation online to ensure a bike is waiting for you at the City Centre Shop. Since get your bike, check whether the function of bike is going well, such as whether there has a bell on handle bar to alert riders when passing roads. Before starting riding, it is necessary to know that you have to always on the left same with England. Then, it is time to start your trip!

If you feel hungry while riding on the road, do not forget to raise your head see whether there has a restaurant named Geranium, which is famous for its location where on the Denmark’s national stadium, you can see the whole city in it. It serves natural wines, local small plates and organic coffee except on Mondays.

You can choose Central Hotel & Café to taking rest, where is a design as a microcosm Danish which is funny, simple and functional. Seating insides, you can read Kerrigan in Copenhagen, a love story, to spend the rest of time.

How to snap this city during your bike trip is one thing you may have to learn. Avoiding exaggerated perspective when shooting them and converging verticals. Finding a platform for shooting, this can keep your camera stay in a stable level.

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