Cuernavaca, Wonderful Spas


Cuernavaca is the capital of Morelos state, accompanied by two volcanoes. This city enjoys the fame of nice spas and spiritual sites. The climate here is spring-like, in the hottest months, the temperature is below 27 degrees Celsius and the coldest above 10 degrees Celsius. Cuernavaca  is a modern city with industry and tourism. There are so many interesting things to do besides enjoying the spas.

Museo de Cuauhnahuac is a wonderful museum covering exhibits of local archeology, colonial art, weaponry and daily life artifacts. The museum has been enlarged several times. It is a great place to see the Mexican history. Another smaller one is Robert Brady Museum, with exhibits of ceramics, paintings and household articles.

Jardin Borda is the most popular site in Cuernavaca. This is a large formal garden that was built in the 18th century. Here you can enjoy a leisure and romantic walk past the cafes and stands, or boat on the artificial lake.

There are just more other sites to see, like Catedral de la Asuncion (an old church), Jungla Magica (a Mexican amusement park) and the 132-foot San Anton Falls.

In addition to the fun of sightseeing and enjoying the Mariachi bands, nights are also full of excitement. Bars and cafes are lighted up along the Plazuels del Zacate. There are so many popular dance clubs reveling with the crowd. If you want to enjoy peace, Cuernavaca also has a lot of cinemas and theaters, showing national and international music and performances.

Cuernavaca is a full-developed tourism city. Accommodations, food and shopping are all very convenient. Hotels have nice spa and meal packages, restaurants are converted from colonial mansions with gardens and patios, shops have just every kinds of goods you want.

Cuernavaca is where the popular Tabachines Golf Club located. You can enjoy the fantastic scenery of trees and the volcanoes while you play golf or learn to play it.

The most popular spas are Mision Del Sol Resort, Mision Del Sol and Hosteria las Quintas.

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