Cruising Barbados

Barbados Barbados Barbados

In Barbados, There are 260,000 inhabitants as independent members of the British Commonwealth. It is very hot with a dry, sunny climate and temperatures from 70 to 80 degrees. Its capital, Bridgetown is obviously of British heritage in the island. Its quaint houses and its statue of Lord Nelson can reflect this quality. The local rum has the best fame in the world. You can buy British woolens, Irish linens, English bone china, French perfumes and nearly world-wide products in the Broad Street area. Other treatments, such as a view of the local arts and crafts at Pelican Village and refined sugar in local factories. Maybe many people want to take sports, so travelers can play tennis, take a sunbathe or have a swim in clear waters like crystals on fine beaches which stretch very long. There are also many luxurious hotels available to travelers, such as the Sandy Lane and Glitter Bay located on the west coast where water is quiet with no waves. Here there is a point mentioned about Sandy Lane which is repaired recently. It is considered as a world-class spa. After the renovation, tennis courts, a golf course, and a beautiful beach are built or repaired to make the island complete. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t welcome or show friendly attitude to cruise passengers. So they must make arrangements in advance once they decide to stay in this hotel or most other hotels. You can view the overall scenery from hotels on the Atlantic east coast, but you’d better not swim in the sea. Carlisle Bay Beach , near to Sandy Beach Island Resort, is one of the most frequently visited beaches, and offers changing facilities.
Accra Beach Hotel has a good position, offering good facilities, in which you can also enjoy
pre- and post-cruise services. Of course, there are many restaurants for you to choose. Luna Cafe is one of them and located at the top of the Little Arches Hotel. It is surely an enjoyment to have dinner under the stars on the Castilian-style terrace, meanwhile, it is an
romantic experience with the food and service just offered there.
Besides those, other places of interest are also open to travelers. Flower Forest is a floral park with lots of flowers. By electric tram you can travel to Harrison’s Cave. Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a place which can thrill you with amazing experiences.

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