Crazy Days In Tokyo with Family


Talking about the family trip, you can not miss the Disneyland in Tokyo, because there are plenty of entertainment ite. For most of people,three days even not enough to make good use of all the enjoyments, thus, it might be wisely use the 3 day magic passport of which tourists with their kids can visit Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo Disney Ocean Park freely and the third days can be free shuttle through in these 2 paradise!
First day, you can take children to Disney Ocean Park to visit the Mermaid Lagoon. And then, families are avialable to watch the musical “underwater world” the mermaid lagoon theater, kids not only can feel the magical world of Disney animation “the little mermaid”, also can in the heroine ariel welcome caves, and take a group photo with her! Lunch time, during a trip to the mysterious island adventure can buy ranking NO. 1 snack “meat”.
Geocentric adventure in the afternoon, on the way into the center of the earth crisis,visitors can experience rapid drop of instant feeling when volcanic eruption! Back into the ground,it is time to the west of the Mediterranean harbor to watch the 2:30 elder brother of the legend, all the Disney friends also get dressed up to the party! After performing, here are delicious candies and biscuits in lover dessert. Later, parents can cruise on DORA Venice to enjoy the canal with chilren.
Disney Land Park is the destination in second day. In the morning, kids can experience more funny things in exploration tour, by the way, do not miss Jungle Cruise otherwise you will lost the chance watching the ferocious wild animals. Afternoon is the world for girls, because there will have the performance of Minnie Mouse, which starts from 13 pm.

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