Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Copper Canyon Copper Canyon

Formed by volcanic activities and earthquakes, Copper Canyon is situated on the eastern edge of the “Pacific Ring of Fire”. This canyon is four times as large as the Grand Canyon. And the major attraction in Copper Canyon is the railroad of Chihuahua al Pacifico, which is quite long and passes through many places, including some natural scenic spots, famous historic and cultural regions. Weather between late April and June is very hot, and many places here are severely lack of water. However, from October to early November and from March to April are the tourist season, during which period the temperatures are quite moderate. And from November to March, it is very cold here.

In Copper Canyon, there are different options for accommodation, with some hotels quite cheap and others quite luxury. But most accommodations here are very cheap, and different hotels may provide you with different services, ranging from meals, tours to travel guides and even horseback riding.

There are various restaurants along the railroad. Los Mochis is a Janpanese restaurant, in which you can access to many typical Janpanese cuisines, like sumptuous fish, sashimi and sushi. Favored by local businessmen, the Espana restaurant is a little bit expensive but very trendy. And El Taquito is open all day, in which you can have a taste of some delicious Mexican meals. Also, the restaurant of El Fuerte offers tourists both Mexican cuisines and international dishes. In addition to what have been mentioned above, there are also many other restaurants in Copper  Canyon, such as the Rio Vista Lodge, the El Meson del General, El Divisadero, Veronica, and the Cabanas restaurant.

Near the railroad, many hotels would offer tourists rental horses for touring in the mountains or watching the canyon.
In El Fuerte town, there are many places for fishing.
Hiking in the canyons may be an unforgettable experience in your lifetime. But you’d better go with someone else, in case of getting lost in the wilderness.
And also some hotels may offer organized tours.

In the Copper Canyon region, there are many places for shopping, for example, Los Mochis, El Fuerte Lodge, Creel, and Casa de las Artesanians. In those places you can see all kinds of goods are sold, like liquors, snacks, cigars, crafts, dolls and handiworks, etc.

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