Cheap Places To Travel Around The World

If you are planning to holiday in areas that are known for being popular tourist destinations, such as UK, Western Europe, the US or Australia, you can count on it costing you a pretty penny. Between lodging, food and excursion costs, your travel budget can be depleted quite quickly. But there are also many cheap places to travel, which  still have a lot to offer and can much more easily accommodate the tight budget. Let’s examine some of these possibilities.
One of the most scenic areas in the world is Southeast Asia where you can border hop between such beautiful and culturally rich countries as Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. You can easily find lodging in Laos for less than $10 a night. Add to that sampling the local delicacies offered in little cafes and even carts on the streets and you have not only mastered your travel budget, but had the unique experience of enjoying the region as the locals do. It’s actually possible to enjoy Laos for $20-$30 a day.

Another region well worth your time is Central America. Guatamala is a beautiful country with rain forests, mountains, beaches and ancient Mayan ruins. Its culture and history is fascinating and the people warm and friendly. Lodging can be secured for as little as $20 a night and, again, you can save money by availing yourself of the local fare. Nearby Honduras is another place worth seeing. The people are friendly, welcoming you with open arms. You can get a room for $15 a night and plan on spending $35 a day between lodging, meals and excursions.

While we’re in Central America, step across the border to the South American country of Ecuador. This beauty is not to be missed. It offers beaches and mountains, and everything in between. Being close to the equator, it can get pretty warm along the coast, but if you head up into the mountains you will find the idyllic little town of Cuenca, Ecuador. Because of being nestled into the Central Andes, Cuenca enjoys a near perfect climate year round. It is also a haven for U.S. ex patriats looking for affordable retirement living. Cuenca is affordable also to budget minded travelers exploring South America. The Galapagos Islands are just a stone’s throw away.

Hopping on over to the European continent, the country of Greece beckons budget minded travelers. Hostels are plentiful for around $10 a night and the local fare can be enjoyed for $2-$3 a meal, including the classic Greek gyros. A memorable day in Greece can be had for around $40.

India also has much to offer tourists. Rooms can be obtained at any range from budget to luxury for a very reasonable price. The same is true of food. Plan on between $20-$35 a day to visit India.

In Eastern Europe, try Romania. There is much there of historical interest as well as beautiful architecture. You can expect to spend $30-40 a day if you stay in hostels and enjoy local street fare.

Even if you have no plans to conquer Mt. Everest, Nepal is a country not to be missed. It is possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth! Nepal is also a very poor country, making it a very affordable holiday excursion. Ten dollars a day should cover your needs. A trekking tour will run that up a little, but otherwise, I would recommend you plan on roughly $30 per day.

Getting off the “beaten path”, and these cheap places to travel can also widen your horizons. You can see the world without it costing you your firstborn child! In this way, budget traveling opens doors closed to the average traveler. As Dr. Seuss said: “Oh, the places you’ll go”!

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