Caribbean, the Paradise to Be.


The Caribbean is the last paradise for you to enjoy local conditions and customs, activities, beaches, weather and the rum.

This region is filled with 7000 islands, rocking with music, rolling by changes, surrounding by turquoise sea and blowing the hurricanes. Caribbean is never an impassive place. It’s an inspiring place that has over 7000 islands filled by people and places, nine in ten people are tourists.

Islands in this region share the same sea, but have many differences in many ways, like segregated worlds. If you travel long enough around this region, you will find there is no typical Caribbean but a self-contradictory place. There is such a great difference between socialist Cuba and the bank-filled Cayman Islands, and between flourishing British-targeted St Kitts and Dutch-affiliated Sint Eustatius, which located just on the other side of a narrow channel.


You can discover splendid colours around the Caribbean. Cerulean oceans, white beaches, verdurous forests are so bright that they nearly hurt your eyes. Moreover, colourful fish and corals are hiding down the seaface, waiting for your dive. Beach bars are paint factories with gewgawish decor serving polychrome rum punch. Red orchids and maize parrots are there to be spotted in the emerald wilderness. Even the food is vivid, local produce in the markets looks just like rainbows.

You will also find every colour in the costume-filled celebrations like Carnival and soon become dull. The colourful world is infectious. Visitors arrive here, as soon as they get out of the plane, will soon leave their gray and black clothes and take on the Caribbean colour.

You can find just all kinds of island adventures you want here. Focus on one wonderful place or hop between islands. You must have a loose schedule to enjoy so many islands, sea beaches, local cultures and food. You can just lie on the beach, go to a resort for a party, find a new place of great fun, discover the underwater world, ride a perfect wave, revel in the ancient culture or even find your pirate part inside.

A variety of possibilities here, come on, starts your adventure.

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