Boat Tours in London


An interesting way to travel in London is through boating. London’s waterways are quite unique and certainly will leave a deep impression to tourists. During your boating journey, if you are lucky enough, you can see diverse fish species. Also, by boating, tourists can view many famous and historic landmarks in London. It will be an unforgettable experience during your lifetime. Following is a brief introduction of two popular types of boat tours in London.

Tate to Tate Boat
This boat trip is a good way to travel in the central London, and gives tourists a chance to visit the Two Tate Galleries, Tate Britain and Tate Modern, both of which are quite exciting spots worth exploring. On the outdoor deck, you can view the best aspects of London. It is necessary to take a map, because during the boating journey there is no travel guide to introduce you some relevant history about the attractions. And the best seasons to visit London’s waterways in spring and summer. The beautiful sunset and other landscapes and buildings are all waiting for you.

Jason’s Canal Boat Trip
It is romantic to view the extremely bright and colorful scenery when boating along the Regent’s Canal from Little Venice. The boating journey will pass through Regent’s Park and eventually end at Camden Lock. On the boat, there will be a travel agent who will tell you the ancient story about the boat during your trip. The whole journey just takes 45 minutes so you will be quite comfortable and feel no boring. It is fantastic just like a wonderful movie, for there are many interesting things to see. For a good chance to get aboard, you had better to book this tour in advance.

In a word, boating around London is a good way to feel the authentic aspects of London. The beautiful waters will make your journey as fantastic and enjoyable as possible. This way to travel in London has become more and more popular for tourists who are interested in London. If you haven’t been to London and want to have a travel, then a boat tour is an ideal option. You will have a much real and deep understanding about London. Traveling to a world-famous and ancient city is a precious experience in one’s lifespan. It is time to leave your work behind and with your friends or relatives to have a relaxing and meaningful travel.

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