Black Point Inn – an ideal space for Luxury Beach Escape

Black Point Inn

It is a good way to leave for a beach for life of luxury. To enjoy the sandy beaches with your team or play gulf. All of these only cost 15 minutes from Portland. So if you want to do it, there are endless possibilities to choose.
The Inn was established in 1878, situated in a  beautiful place surrounded by beaches. It is an historic, classic getaway in charge of one of the most wonderful settings. You will be easily attracted by the particular setting and beautiful landscape.
The inn has many guestroom and suites, also some private spaces: bath, decks and other furniture. Every guest can furnish their own room with unique style. Whether one guest wants a single room or a collecting room, the inn will satisfy his demands. When one feel uncomfortable, he can ask for another comfortable room. According to the needs of guests, it will provide different size or style to delight the guests.
The Black Point Inn does well not only in service but also in particular facilities, so it surely can excite the travelers. From the spectacular lobby to serene guest rooms, the inn shows its uniqueness. Judging from its in-door cosy atmosphere or outside sun porch, or a quiet room for hours of games and books, the inn is sincerely welcoming to you. When it provides you the enlightful relaxation for you, it is just showing the natural beauty of coastal area surrounding the inn. The chart room porch is an ideal place for you to watch the sunset while the traveler is drinking cocktail. How pleasing and satisfying it is to stay at the Inn. Why don’t you just try it?
After reading it, what do you think of the inn? Is it an ideal place for luxury escape?

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