Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in Yalong Bay


With the pictureque landscapes, completment facilities and unique tourism items, traveling in Yalong Bay of Hainan can definitely provide you a wonderful experience in China. Initially, as You and Zhang (2012) said that: Hainan delivers the best tropical setting in China ( You and Zhang, 2012, para 10). It is fantastic that spend winter holiday on the beach by eating fruits, enjoying blue sky and surfing without snowing and bad weather. Also, choosing such a tropical setting with family during Spring Festival could be something novel for northerners. As we know, people live in the north have less chance experiencing a Spring Festival by wearing only T-shirt and shorts, which is quite new for them.

The second reaso to visit Yalong Bay is that it is a places where attracts plenty of movie crews come to shot as its charming natural scene. Thus, there are many high-standard hotels provided to travelers for having a luxury trip. Tourists are available to sit on yacht to admire the awe-inspiring sunset and enjoying the exquisitely food in hotels. Besides, Yalong Bay is the beauty sport where travelers can get the most complete typical food of Hainan.

Last but not least, Yalong Bay is a perfect destination to satify outdoor activity lovers. Visitors can pick up the most interesting item the like, such as surfing, diving, swiing, playing golf, camping, exploring and mountaineering in raim forest and so on. Here also offers a group of tourlines according to different age group. Some of them are suitable to young people about which are explorations, and part of them can be choosed by elder for chat on sightseeing bus while drinking in the beauty in the beauty of nature. The rest group of tourists who are infratuated with hiking, there are the pathes waiting them on the way.

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