Best European Beaches In France


Paris itself is really a place worth visiting in Paris, and more importantly, it is the top point for travelers to enjoy its varieties among all the cities in France. In the country, there are many coasts where travelers can enjoy themselves. They just take a train or plane to appreciate those coasts. Now that coasts are so popular, let alone the beaches in France. Absolutely worth leaving for them..
St. Tropez is a popular place in France, and has attracted more and more tourists, bearing a high fame in tourism. It was once a place to inspire artist, for art has been an important part of the city’s culture and tradition. One of its popular beaches Plage de Tahiti is on the list of European top beaches, so you should’t miss a chance to pay a visit.
Another beach called Plage de Saleccia, a less outstanding one among beaches. Travelers could arrive in the island of Corsica, then you can find it. It is not very popular, so few tourists bother to take a trip to visit, only the locals dwell there in summer months.aybe it is not easy to find, but there are really much to explore.
Biarritz, situated in the south of France, is a popular beach worth a visit.The wife of Napoleon III had built a palace on the beach in 1854, for which it has been historically important. However, the palace has become a hotel at present. Its building has been well designed, so many designers call it a wonderful sight. For its position of being on its Atlantic coast, surfing is a popular activity. If you are a surfing lover, why not pay a visit there?
Brittany is an ideal place for beach goers, for it boasts of thousands of kilometers of coastline, cliffs and beautiful coves. People who want to escape from the crowds have two places on the beach to go. One is Baie de Lannion; the other is Baie de Lannion. The Former is famous for its Pink Granite Coast; while the latter offers water sports, such as windsurfing. Anyway, both are popular and thrilling.

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