Batalla del Vino: Wine Drenching Festival in Spain

Location: Biliblio, Haro, Spain
Date: June 29th
Wine Drenching Festival Wine Drenching Festival Wine Drenching Festival


This is also called St Pedro’s Day in Haro. There will be thousands of people gathering on the street in this capital city of northern Spain’s Rioja-producing zone. Armed by water pistols filled with red wine, people engage in a ‘battle’ to celebrate the festival. Ambitious ones called vino guerrillas may use super weapons like pump-action super soakers or spray cans, and general ones choose gourds, pails, bottles or old boots —they are often the losers.
This drenching celebration lasts for 3 hours. It can be back to 300 years ago when a property dispute was broken out with the adjoining Miranda de Ebro. However, it is in the last 100 years that the celebration has attracted a large number of people. The local council show little worry about the mess, even provides 4L of plonk to each sniper, while many people bring their own ammo.


The result is innumerable amount of cheap wine splashed around Biliblio. This is a battlefield on a cliff top, a popular wet-T-shirt match for alcoholics. None can save himself from getting wet, but you can get yourself out from the deep end by keeping away from the locals. They are senior warriors of wine conflict and always want to show off their skills in wine weaponry.


Want to join now? It is compulsory to dress in a white shirt. Make sure to have a powerful water weapon with you if you don’t want to be a poor victim.
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