Attractions of Maruyama City

Maruyama Maruyama Maruyama

Maruyama city is full of natural landscapes and tourist attractions. And travelling in this city would be an unforgettable experience in your lifetime. In Maruyama city, the major destinations are Maruyama-koen Park, Maruyama Zoo and the Okurayama Ski Jump Slopes.

Maruyama-koen Park is situated on the dome-shaped Maruyama Hill, the western suburbs of Sapporo city. This park is very huge and many primeval forests, including trees like maple, Magnolia, Japanese Judas tree, oak and other varieties of trees. What is more, this park has been designated as a natural monument.

In this park, there are more than one thousand and seven hundred Hokkaido wild cherry trees. These trees are especially flourishing in spring, and at this time, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock in this park to appreciate this beautiful phenomenon. And in Hokkaido-jingu Shrine, which is located on the hillside, there are huge cypress and elm trees, which is the paradise of woodpeckers. So this is a perfect place for watching birds.

Also, in Maruyama Zoo, there are more than two hundred species of living things, including various kinds of tropical birds and a diversity of insects. This zoo would be covered with snow in winter. If you come here at this time , you may have chances to see lions and giraffes walking around in the zoo, which is a wonderful and strange scene you can’t see in any other zoo.

There are shuttle buses running between the Maruyama-koen Park and the Okurayama Ski Jump Slopes. If you come to the ski resort in winter, you may have chances to watch ski jump competitions, which is favored by both local people and foreign tourists and held every year. In addition, there are many ski resorts nearby, which may provide tourists with well facilities, so you can also enjoy winter sports here.

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