An Introduction to SOTC India Tour Packages

The Kuoni Holidays Group are pleased to bring you information about their SOTC India service. This is truly the best way to take an Indian vacation, whether traveling alone, or with family and friends. While promising great prices, SOTC also promises the most spectacular views and experiences that you will remember for a long time to come.

An SOTC tour package affords the holidaymaker to see cities, villages, rivers, and mountains that India has to offer. Traveling by rail, you will be able to book a first or second class compartment, and access virtually any part of the country you’d like to see. The train tickets are offered at affordable prices by the SOTC India tour service, regardless of which class you travel on. Therefore, it really pays to travel in India on a train, especially as arranged by the SOTC tours service. Rail travel is both romantic and exotic. It also remains a great way to see a country. In an airplane, you are often too high to make out any scenery, and in a car, you are often too focused on the road and your driving to be able to make out the scenery.

Travel and lodging bookings are also taken care of by the Kuoni Travel services. SOTC India works with only the finest hotels in all the Indian hill stations as well as all the major destinations, leaving you with a four star experience, even if you have a one star budget. These hotels offer a world class experience, and you will find the same amenities you are used to and expect back in your home country. Due to exchange rates, your dollar, pound, or euro generally goes a lot farther in India than it will at home. It would be prudent to tip your hotel staff, though flashing big wads of cash around is never advisable while traveling abroad. Lastly, packages are particularly cheap around the holidays of Christmas and New Years, so be sure to check for even better deals than usual at this time of the year.

Besides Indian destination, Kuoni offers international holiday pacakges to many popular destinations such as Rome, London, New York, and Dubai. So if you’ve already been to India or were thinking of going some place else, why not look into the other options of this deal nabbing but reputable tourism corporation.

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