An Introduction of Florence

Florence Florence

Do you hear a place situated in the heart of Tuscany and considered as one of the historically important cities in Italy? Guess it out, and the answer is Florence. There are many buildings in Renaissance period are worth visiting, such as churches, galleries and museums attracting your sight. Moreover, many works of art in the world were originated from works in these buildings. The following are tips for travelers planning a trip to Florence. It is better to make a good plan in advance.
What to do   It is easy to find the center of Florence for its compact structure. Piazza della Signornoria is well worth a visit for its position. Statues such as Michaelangelo’s David is near to the piazza. Another building, the Palazzo Vecchio standing on the square is a wonderful sight for travelers. Walk for a few minutes, and then you can see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the most popular sight. Its inside decoration is a huge dome in Gothic style. Bell Tower is also famous in Florence, near the Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo. When you climb to the top tower, tho whole city is in your view sight.
As for Renaissance art, the Uffizi Gallery is the foremost. For its important position in Italy, it is the busiest one among the galleries. If you have a plan, please book it in advance in order to avoid the long queues and crowds. A wander across the Ponte Vecchio is a necessary step in the process of Florence visiting. This bridge is a link to the River Arno and then you will be shown a beautiful sight.
Where to stay and eat
It not only offers you a view of historical building and art galleryto visit in Florence, but also a list of best places to stay in Italy. Hotels are offered to meet all the budgets. The internet is available to get online information. Meanwhile, it is easy to get food and wine to your taste. But it is usually a little expensive to eat outside if you really want to walk along the street to explore great food.

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