Amusement Parks – Silver Dollar City


153000iivz7gwipg7kowcgWhen it comes to the amusement park, the first country that come into our mind must be America, the birth place of Disney Land. We have the amusement park which the theme of country music, legends and roller coasters, etc. Today, i want to introduce you the Silver Dollar Theme park which is located in Branson Missouri. It is the home land of a slew of unnormal attractions. Nowadays, the park is added with a new coaster. I bet this land can offer what you have never imagined before. This is a wonderland for everyone.
From the first step that you step into the gate of Silver Dollar City, you should already know that you are in the home land of bustling pioneering days and boisterous. In this park, you can find all the knick-knackery and kitchy which the other parks cannot offer. In this park, there are more than one hundred craftsman that can teach you their many skills on the condition that you are one of their patrons, because this is the way that they make a living. These skills include weaving, glass blowing and any other tricks that you may want to learn long before.
Your children can have a lot of fun here. One of them is called  “Fire in the Hole”. This is quite exciting. You get on a roller coaster and it will take you go through the burning western town which is said to be robbed by a gang of outlaws. This coaster is famous for its turns that will provide great thrills and the high-speed.

What is more exciting is “The Flooded Mine” which is also the name of the ride. If you take part in this ride, you can experience to ride in a mine cart. And during the riding process, you can experience the same stuff that will happened in the mining operation. You have to get through the chaotic pumping stations and escaping from the mine workers. You can also get through the flooded mine shafts. By the way, i will mention you that this ride is a water ride and hence you may get a little wet based on the disposition. And the guests will heve a helm to protect themselves and they will hold a gun in their hands. You may already get soaked long before you finish the ride.
The other ride i want to recommend you are “Powderkeg” and “Outlaw Run”, which are also quite exciting. What are you waiting for? Pack up your things and start the journey.

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