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When the winter is coming and snow starts to fall, outdoor adventure travel about snow in Canada is very popular. Instead of staying indoors, there are too much things to do about playing snow. And also, most winter adventure places are only a few hours away from a major city. Take a look at some travel advices I give below.
Skiing and snowboarding are high-speed sport which make you excited and yelling. And there are many of local hills for you to do it. Ski season begins at the beginning of November and runs until May. The most expensive, busiest time would be around Christmas and spring break.

Tips: The best time to go downhill skiing is at mid-week because there are not too much persons. Hotel prices are usually cheaper at that time.  Remember to order in advanced so that you maybe get a discount. Discount lift-tickets are often available early in the season.

Caving in Canada is warm and comfortable! Buried deep underground and putting the snow cover on you, the natural warmth of the earth is the best temperature which is usually around +5 C for people.

Skating is fast, fun and exciting sport. It is a great thing to do with your family. there are some nice Indoor areas in Canada for people skating. Calgary has a natural rink in Bowness Park; Winnipeg has the 5.7 kilometer River Trail and of course, Ottawa has the Rideau Canal, a World Heritage Site .it is a wonderful thing to enjoy a warm winter day on a frozen waterway and bring back childhood memories of playing on the ice

Winter Camping
Let’s try a winter camping trip! Campers can pitch tents and lay down to enjoy the snowing and connect with nature. Comparing with snowshoeing, winter camping is much more pace. The soft snow under the tent is like a comfortable bed for you to relax. A cup of hot chocolate can make you feel warn and has never tasted so good.

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