Acapulco, the Bustling City

Mexico Mexico MexicoAcapulco was the original party town of Mexico, in front of Ixtapa and Cancún. It has been given the nickname of ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ for the surprising yellow seasides and sleepless nightlife. When it was in its noontide time, Acapulco was the happy yard for wealthy men and famous stars like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and so on. John F. Kennedy took his wife Jacqueline here for the honeymoon too. The city is imperishable in the famous films like Elvis’s Fun in Acapulco or the TV program The Love Boat.

On the fantastic beaches around Bahía de Acapulco are perfect locations to enjoy the sunlight, despite of the busy and noisy beach vendors. However, as soon as you come out of the sea sands, you will have to face the reality: terrible traffic, crowded people, smoggy air, aggressive chapmen, poverty, paupers, and crime incidents.

But there is serenity in the busy Acapulco. You can sit in a romantic restaurant by a cliffside, visit the divinely 17th-century fort, appreciate the top-class botanical garden or come to the old town to see the charming shady zócalo. Moreover, reclusive beaches and small sea-shore villages such as Barra Vieja and Pie de la Cuesta are just in a short distance.

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