About Some Historic Cities in Ethiopia

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For those tourists who are interested in tribal cultures, history, scenic beauty, authentic North African cuisines, and industrial or commercial exploration, then Ethiopia would be a paradise. The most highlight of travelling to Ethiopia is its rich culture, which you can have a strong feeling in every city of this country. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Ethiopia include Rift Valley, Axum, Blue Nile Falls, Gonder, Lalibela, Bahr Dar, Harar, and Deber Damo.

Many of those attractions are historic towns and cities, with some ancient kingdoms dating back to the 10th century. And the city of Harar is just one example. Every year this city attracts numerous tourists for its different styles of mosque architectures, holy status, textiles, and handicrafts. This city used to be the home of Rimbaud, a well-known French poet. In addition, there is an interesting evening game, which refers to some local people would display their infallible skills by calling and feeding wild hyenas. Another city of similar historic importance is Lalibela, which is famous for its surroundings of medieval settlements and rock churches at the center of the city.

Used to a capital city of the Axumite State, Axum is another city having important history. Axumite Palace, inhabited by Queen Sheba, is one of the most popular attractions in this city. Now Axum has developed into a major commercial center of Ethiopia, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists for the ancient and traditional goods brought from Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, and Persia.

If you are intrigued in lake towns and fishing, then Bahr Dar, a city in the southern part of this country, would be a good place to visit. Also, some other interesting attractions in Bahr Dar include ancient monasteries, Lake Tana, and smoking waters flowing from the Blue Nile. In addition to Bahr Dar, you can also find hot springs and lakes in the area of Rift Valley, which is highlighted by a trail of seven lakes.

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