A Worthy trip in Essaouira

On the Atlantic coast of Morocco has a pearl city – Essaouira! Both listening to Morocco friend’s introduction, and learn from some travel magazines, Essaouira is a city full of romantic amorous feelings. The unique geographical location determines the rope villa has stable trade winds four seasons a year, summer is cool, dry, winter warm, humid is ideal resort surf board. Therefore Essaouira won the “windy city” reputation.

Since 1998, there will hold the most famous Gnaoua Festival of World Music which takes place on last week of June every year, It will take 4 days and attracting over 4.5 million visitors to celebrate from all over the world. Gnaoua festival is celebrated by many types of music and dancing, includes jazz, rock and reggae and so on, thus, I you will surrounded by different region amorous feelings and temperament of the carnival.

Most of people are extremely for seeing the panoramic view of this city by standing on a excellent spot, I think the Skala du Port is the best place can satisfies your needs. I promise it is definitely worth to visit even though you have to pay 10 dollars per hour from the entrance. By watching a complete view of Essaouira, posting a post card to friends or family can be a good idea to share the beautiful landscape with them, you will find the post office on the Rue Laâlouj.

For having a fancy night, it is appreciate dinner at Elizir by enjoying the sunset with a cocktail after main course, where is nearby Caravane Café. From my point of view, riding bike is the best way to traveling this city. You can rent a bicycle at Chez Hicham and head or have the exploration to the end of beach for house rides and camel.

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