A Beautiful City, Oslo

Oslo is the largest and capital city in Norway. It is also the oldest capital of Scandinavia. Although Oslo’s image is enthusiasm and internationalization, there are a lot of restaurants, colorful nightlife, its natural environment and the nature of the scenery is very attractive. Standing on the top to overview Oslo, it is surrounded by the beautiful scenery, sea, forest plots, and with no end in sight. That is the city I would like to introduce as a tourist attractions in the following.

As a native, the first place you should visit is Oslo Opera House, which is the biggest cultural architecture in Norway after Trondheim and Nidarosdomen Cathedral. Get your ready for shocking by this grand construction! Continuing the cultural things, Viking Ship Museum can be the second destination on your plan, as it conserves the memories of an interesting era you may relish to.

If think Vigelang Park is also the place you can learn more about Norwegian culture. It is located North-west of Oslo. Park covers an area of 50 hectares, and named after Norway’s master Gustav Vigeland, garden has 192 nude sculptures, all statue sculpture of the communist party of China has 650 people, all statues made of copper, iron, or granite spent more than 20 years carefully made.

To celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day can offers you much fantastic moment as well by seeing beautiful costumes on the display. Akershus Festning is a medieval castle often used to entertain foreign guests in Oslo; you are available to standing on the castle to overlooking the complete views of city hall and downtown of this city.

If you attach importance to breakfast, Aker Brygge is the best place for you to grab food. In the end, do not forget to watch a sport event at Ekebergsletta, such as the biggest one, Norway Cup.

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